Taliyah Ware belongs to the

Antikirinya/Wirangu peoples, antikirinya on her mother's side and Wirangu on her father’s side, Taliyah was born in Ceduna 1998 and lived in Ceduna most of her life. Taliyah’s painting journey started in 2019 inspired by her mother and sister she joined the family business, introducing her own style of traditional Contemporary dot painting.

Taliyah’s great Grandmother Millie Taylor (nee Lennon – Deceased) and mother are the inspiration behind all of the amazing paintings and stories that Taliyah creates. Taliyah’s great grandmother is half Antikirunya and half Arrernte.

Taliyah says “mum show’s me how to design a canvas painting then I choose a story and dot paint it using my own style of dot painting (circle effect) then I get mum to help me choose my colour palette so my painting’s are eye catching and beautiful”.

Taliyah’s mother show’s her how to create a painting using different designs, styles, techniques and how to blend colours to create her own painting’s that signifies her family and great grandmothers journey across country hunting and gathering traditional foods to survive off the land.

Taliyah’s style of dot art work is shaped into circles and fully dot painted all over the canvas in multiple colour’s to give her painting’s an eye catching effect that makes her artworks beautiful.

Taliyah enjoys painting with her mother and sisters at home and she want’s to keep learning and growing into a successful artist, carrying on her family cultural tradition and continue producing beautiful pieces for many years to come.


2021 – Darwin Art Fair Online from the 6 th -11th August 2021. https://daaf.com.au/

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Known for their intricate dot paintings and connection to Country, Kelly Taylor and her three daughters from Ceduna in South Australia have achieved a lot in a little time. In their two years of business as KT Aboriginal Fine Art, the mother and daughter artists have an online following of over 12,000, have been involved in multiple exhibitions and have received a number of accolades. read more

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Hello (Wai) everyone 😊 (Palya)

Welcome to KTAFA! My name is Kelly Taylor, I am a traditional aboriginal artist of KT Aboriginal Fine Art, I belong to the Antikirinya-Yankunytjatjara-Matu/Kokatha people on my grandmothers’ side and on my grandfathers side I belong to the Kokatha-Yankunytjatjara-Matu people, I am custodian to my nana Millie Taylor's (nee-Lennon) dreaming's/stories that have been passed down to me as well as my own.
Watching my grandmother paint from a very young age I fell in love with art & my culture and I have been painting for 30 years (give or take) ever since, but in 2014 I started painting full time, during this time my youngest daughter T’keyah picked up the paintbrush and fell in love with painting too.
My second oldest daughter Kelilah joined us introducing her style of dot painting that is shaped into waves, lines and dots.
Then in 2019, my oldest daughter Taliyah joined us introducing her style that is shaped into circles and dots.
So in July 2019, we thought let's create a Facebook page and call it Kelly and T’keyah’s Aboriginal Fine Art and share our art and stories throughout the world so people can learn and understand our culture and why it is important for us to stay connected to country.

Kelly and T’keyah Aboriginal Fine Art

changed to KT Aboriginal Fine Art in 2020 the year that changed a lot of peoples lives and most definitely changed ours.
Our KTAFA logo was designed by us and now represents our family of five and we officially became a business in 2021 and now KT Aboriginal Fine Art journey begins.
We paint together at home and before we start, we like to choose a colour palette first then I will sit with my daughter and choose a story then start painting the design onto the canvas our style of dot painting where we merge ancient art with traditional and contemporary art. Once our paintings are completed, we display them on our Website and all our Social Media pages, blue thumb, Ceduna Art Gallery & Ceduna Ocean to Outback Gallery.

My Nana Millie was my teacher she always encouraged me to paint and passed many ancient stories down along the way, following her example I passed down what I learnt to my three daughters, I've been painting on and off for 29 years. Today I teach my three daughters how to paint and techniques of mixing colours and the importance of respecting our Aboriginal culture when choosing a storyline before dot painting.”
When we create these beautiful pieces, we mix our colour palette first, choose a title, the story then paint the traditional symbols. Our style of painting we call creeper dots, where we blend and overlap colours to bring out the beauty eye-catching effect of ancient art merging with traditional and contemporary art.”

T’keyah says painting with her mum

noting she loves to base her painting around her maternal family’s stories and being out on country, though the artist flags she's from a family of strong traditional backgrounds on both sides. T’keyah says “I have learnt how to design paintings using the correct traditional symbols and mum is still teaching me more and more things I need to know about my culture. I will continue to learn from my mum until it’s my time to teach.


“before we start a painting, we like to sit with our mum so she can show us how and where to paint certain symbols, then we talk about the painting storyline, title and how the painting will look once it is completed, sometimes it’s hard because we don’t know where to start but mum is very supportive and helps us by painting together”.


And moments of recognition from my daughters T’keyah Ware and Kelilah winning awards in known exhibitions (Our Young Mob Exhibition) and art prizes (Abstract Award winner in 2020 Bluethumb Art Prize), Also we are honoured to be a part some special collaborations and publications from Vogue Living, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Country Arts SA also a special collaboration with Disney and Bluethumb for their “From Our Family to Yours” campaign. We are passionate about painting pieces that signify our own personal stories, unique journeys and love to share our interpretations of our country. Today we are growing as a family business and look forward to producing many more beautiful fine art pieces, along with a few amazing new products we would like to introduce to KT Aboriginal Fine Art in the near future.

Thank you for visiting our website and online shop our business is 100% Aboriginal Family Owned and operated, if you have further questions please feel free to give us a call or send us a message through our contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you. ❤
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